‘Bone biographies’ reveal lives of medieval England’s common people — and illuminate early benefits system

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A series of ‘bone biographies’ created by a major research project tell the stories of medieval Cambridge residents as recorded on their skeletons, illuminating everyday lives during the era of Black Death and its aftermath. The work is published alongside … Read More

One of the largest magnetic storms in history quantified: Aurorae covered much of the night sky from the Tropics to the Polar Regions

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In early November of this year, aurora borealis were observed at surprisingly low latitudes, as far south as Italy and Texas. Such phenomena indicate the impacts of a solar coronal mass ejection on the Earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere. Far … Read More

Genomic study sheds light on how carnivorous Asian pitcher plants acquired signature insect trap

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Possessing more than two complete sets of chromosomes can be a hindrance to long-term survival of a plant lineage, yet scientists are also finding evidence it’s likely behind some evolutionary innovation. Sudden inheritance of whole suites of extra gene copies … Read More

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