Clip features straight talk on Jewish-Arab coexistence
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Clip features straight talk on Jewish-Arab coexistence

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The current crisis with Gaza, which has led to confrontations and violence between Jews and Arabs within Israel’s borders, has also opened dialogue between the two groups, and the latest example of this is a video in Arabic and Hebrew called “Let’s Talk Straight.”In the clip, a  Jew (Uriya Rosenman) speaking Hebrew and an Arab )Sameh “Saz” Zakout) responding in Arabic and Hebrew face off in what looks like a garage — a place where Arabs and Jews often work together — as each spouts off stereotypes about the other, punctuated by the refrain, “I’m not a racist,” that both make throughout.  The Jew complains about Arabs not serving in the army, incendiary comments by Arab politicians, reckless driving, honor killings, attacks on Jews and much more. He insists that Judaism is about love and Islam is about hate.
The Arab says, in Hebrew,“You Jews have forgotten what it means to be a minority,” and notes that a large part of Hebrew slang is from Arabic, but says in Arabic, “You’ll never understand true Arabic.” Going back to Hebrew, he cites a racist Israeli expression,
“The only good Arab is a dead Arab” and asks, “And you wonder why we don’t serve [in the military]?” At the end, he says, in Hebrew again, “Both of us don’t have another country, and this is where the change begins.”After this, they both begin to eat food that is on the table between them. Rosenman is listed as the creator of the video, and the organization promoting it is called, “Let’s Talk Straight,” or, in Hebrew, “Bo Nidaber Dugri.” It concludes with the words, “Let’s talk straight. We’re fed up with the racism, the fear and the hate. What will the future of our children look like?” in Hebrew and Arabic. The clip has been widely circulated on social media in recent days.

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