Google, Microsoft Come Together to Fix Compatibility Issues for Browsers
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Google, Microsoft Come Together to Fix Compatibility Issues for Browsers

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Microsoft and Google are jointly working together to make things easier for Web developers while building a website. The main issue faced by Web developers is the compatibility of their website across browsers. The partnership is dubbed #Compat2021 and is aimed at resolving five main issues for browser compatibility issues. These five areas are CSS Flexbox, CSS Grid, position: sticky, aspect-ratio, and CSS transforms. The project is also inviting Web developers to contribute.

Chrome Developers tweeted on Monday that Microsoft and Google jointly announced #Compat2021 to resolve major issues faced by Web developers regarding compatibility across browsers. Google listed the five main issues on its Google Developers blog that Web developers face while building a website. The information for the same was gathered through a Google project called Web Developer Satisfaction, or DevSAT. The project will also invite the Web developer community to report for bugs or missing items that they encounter.

CSS Flexbox is a tool that helps developers align images on their webpage. The issue here is with auto-align function that malfunctions due to which images are incorrectly proportioned across different browsers. Another pain point for Web developers is CSS Grid. An improvement would help create animated grid layouts on Chromium and WebKit as Gecko already supports this feature. CSS position: sticky helps place and fix content on the webpage and an improvement would bring consistency across browsers. They also want to fix the aspect-ratio to maintain a consistent height-to-width ratio for various elements. Lastly, an improvement in CSS transforms will help with consistency in 3D effects and animation on different browsers.

Microsoft and Google are working together to fix issues on Chromium that will help fix issues on Chrome and Edge browsers. If you’re interested in keeping tabs on the update of the developments, it can be done on Compat 2021 dashboard.

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