Google Photos Now Lets You Double Tap or Pinch to Zoom In on Videos
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Google Photos Now Lets You Double Tap or Pinch to Zoom In on Videos

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Google Photos is now letting users pinch to zoom in on videos or double tap to zoom in or out. The feature seems to be rolling out as a server-side switch. According to users, the app version is not a factor. However, we could use the feature only after updating to the latest version of Google Photos on Android, version 5.28.0. On double tapping, the video fills the screen. The pinch to zoom in and double tap to zoom in or out feature will make it easier for Google Photos users to look at details in a video.

The new feature on Google Photos has started rolling out for some users. The feature is available for us on the latest Google Photos v5.28.0 on Android. To check if it has rolled out for you, you can try updating to the latest Google Photos release and checking if it works. Users on Reddit have also reported spotting it.

Double tapping a video on Google Photos or pinching makes the video zoom in, taking the entire screen.

Since the feature seems to be a server-side update, it is possible that Google may be rolling it out in batches. It doesn’t seem to be available on iOS right now, but we recommend you update to the latest version of the app and wait for the server-side update to be available for you.

Google has rolled out number of features for maps over the last few months. Cinematic photos, a new feature that was rolled out recently, creates a 3D-like effect for some of your images. Google uses machine learning to predict an image’s depth and produce a 3D representation of the scene. A new Maps timeline feature on Google Photos, meanwhile, shows the pictures of your trips on the routes you’ve taken.

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