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How dose a flintlock pistol work?

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A flintlock pistol is a pistol used in the 18th and 19th centuries mostly.

here is how it works, the trigger is directly connected to the cock, which holds the flint, When the trigger is pressed the cock move forward to the frizen. The flint is put in frount of the cock so as it hits the frizzen, it causes sparks to come out of it.

As the frizzenslides down it it revalesthe upper opening of the pan which is loaded with a small gunpowder charge and as the flint comes down with the sparks, the sparks ignites the powder charge which burns and goes into a small drilled hole on the barrel of the pistol which is called the touch hole, which is right behined the the bullet’s main powder charge also connected to the bullet.

And as the main charge ignites it creates enormous ounces of presure on the bullet which projects it out of the barrel.

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