How to Apply E-Pass for Travel During Uttar Pradesh Lockdown
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How to Apply E-Pass for Travel During Uttar Pradesh Lockdown

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Uttar Pradesh lockdown has been extended till May 10 morning due to increasing number of COVID-19 cases, and it has now become mandatory for state residents to have an e-pass to travel during the lockdown. The state government will issue e-passes for both intra-district and inter-district travel. The government has issued a notice which lists what essential services personnel are allowed to move freely after having a pass. The Uttar Pradesh government has a new section under the official website to help apply for an e-pass.

In a notice issued by the Uttar Pradesh government, people who are working in industries, engaged in medical supplies, e-commerce operations, medical emergencies, as well as print and electronic media. The e-pass will be valid during the lockdown, and getting it just requires filling out an application form online.

How to apply for e-pass during Uttar Pradesh lockdown

  1. Click the Apply for ePass on the top right corner of the window.

  2. You will be asked for your phone number so that the government can register you and send an OTP.

  3. Punch in the Captcha, and click Generate OTP

  4. Once you get the OTP, type in the code and you will be taken to the e-pass application form.

  5. Punch in your details like name, address, telephone number, district, tehsil, pass area, an ID proof, your photo and vehicle type.

  6. In ID proof, you can use any government-issued ID, including PAN/ Voter/ Aadhar Card/ Licence.

  7. The size of the soft copy should not be more than 200KB

  8. Click on the checkbox asking for your acknowledgement.

  9. Now, hit the Submit button. Soon you will be issued an e-pass.

It is to be noted that the decision of extending the restrictions further will be taken on Sunday. Also, those who have their dates for getting vaccinated can also move during the lockdown.

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