IDF has hit 15,000 targets in Gaza since start of war
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IDF has hit 15,000 targets in Gaza since start of war

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The IDF on Friday announced that it has struck over 15,000 targets in Gaza since the start of the war.

It also said that it has destroyed or seized 6,000 war items, though it still is unclear to date how much of Hamas has been defeated.

To date, the IDF has said it has killed thousands of Hamas terrorists, but pre-war estimates of Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror forces ranged between 15,000-50,000.

Some analysts have suggested an additional large number of Hamas forces may be dead under rubble where the IDF has attacked but has not yet cleared many areas.

Among the war items destroyed by the IDF have been anti-tank missiles, rockets, standard and improvised explosives, ammunition, and other items.

Weapons and devices found by the IDF in a Hamas post in Gaza. (credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON’S UNIT)

IDF tackling tunnels

The IDF has also made progress in recent days taking over more central Hamas command posts, intelligence centers, tunnel networks, and other war planning areas.

According to the IDF, the progress to date has been a byproduct of a new integrated fighting method of sea, air, and ground forces along with using the IDF intelligence advanced artificial intelligence target bank to constantly find new targets and almost automatically distribute them to the front.


The Jerusalem Post visited one of the target centers on Thursday and watched targeting decisions occurring in real-time, including attacks on groups of four and six terrorists at separate times.

Separately, the IDF reiterated its success late Thursday night in shooting down a drone on its way to Eilat using the Patriot missile defense system.

At this point, all four tiers of the missile defense shield have been used: from Iron Dome to the Arrow, to David’s Sling, to the Patriot.

The Post has learned that the IDF is making special efforts to move forward with its new laser defense system, but that this system is still not expected to be fully operational or make any significant difference in the current war.

Despite that fact, the laser system is viewed as the wave of the future for Israeli missile defense.

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