IDF strikes 4,300 Hamas targets since start of war
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IDF strikes 4,300 Hamas targets since start of war

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The IDF says it has struck over 4,300 terrorist targets, including some 300 terrorist tunnel shafts, since it began its counter-invasion of Gaza, the IDF announced on Monday. 

Hundreds of Hamas anti-tank launchers have been destroyed during IDF operations, as well as close to 3,000 terrorist installations, including hundreds of boobytrapped weapon storage facilities, operational headquarters, and control-and-command centers across Gaza, according to the Israeli military.

IDF soldiers operate in the Gaza Strip. Footage released November 13, 2023 (CREDIT: IDF SPOKESPERSON’S UNIT).

IDF in Gaza: Weapons found in children’s bedroom, university

Israeli forces uncovered a weapons cache hidden in a child’s bedroom in the home of a senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad official in Gaza, the IDF said on Monday morning.

The hidden arsenal was discovered in a raid carried out by reservists from the IDF’s 551st Brigade, which lost four of its fighters during fighting in Gaza. The brigade also located a tunnel shaft in a civilian area of Beit Hanun, which contained various weaponry and intelligence gathered by Gazan terrorist groups.

Israeli forces are seen during Operation Swords of Iron in the Gaza Strip, November 13, 2023 (credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON’S UNIT)

Elsewhere in Gaza, forces from the IDF’s 401st Brigade uncovered Hamas terrorist infrastructure inside civilian centers in the al-Shati camp in northern Gaza. 

The forces found and confiscated dozens of weaponry and other combat equipment, as well as Hamas intelligence, including operative plans.

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