Indian Evacuated From Afghanistan Praises Taliban On Reaching Home
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Indian Evacuated From Afghanistan Praises Taliban On Reaching Home

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Tamal Bhattacharya, is being branded as a Communist by netizen

On Sunday (August 22), an Indian national by the name of Tamal
Bhattacharya sparked controversy after he praised the Taliban following
his return to his home in Kolkata from Afghanistan

Tamal, a 34-year-old resident of Nimta in the North Dum Dum area, was stranded
in Afghanistan ever since the Taliban took control of the country. He had been
working as a physics and chemistry teacher at an army school (Kardan
International school) in Kabul since March this year. A mechanical engineer by
training, Tamal was living in the staff quarters of his school. However, after
the Taliban took over the city of Kabul, he was forced to lock himself up
inside the principal’s residence.

He alleged to have contacted the Indian embassy and couldn’t reach the Hamid
Karzai International airport despite several attempts. Later, he claimed to
have reached the airport gate at 11 pm on Friday, only to be returned by the
US security forces due to the absence of government officials and documents.
He added that Talibs were surrounding the airport and had to spend the night
in a nearby wedding hall. While speaking to Anandabazaar Patrika, he said,
“Please Modiji, Amit Shah der apna ra bolun, jate amader kotha bhebe druto
kono bebosta kora hoi (Please inform PM Modi and Amit Shah so that immediate
action is taken for our evacuation).

According to his parents, Tamal was picked up by the Taliban on Saturday
(August 21) afternoon. ABP Ananda reported that the Indian national had
notified them about the development through a message on Whatsapp. His parents
claimed that he was released by the radical Islamists after being
interrogated. Eventually, Tamal was evacuated by an Indian Air Force (IAF)
carrier along with 10 other Bengali residents. He boarded the flight late on
Saturday night and reached the National capital on Sunday morning.

Tamal Thanks The Taliban For Good Food, And Cricket

On the same day, he returned to Kolkata via a flight from New Delhi. Tamal,
who was successfully rescued by the Indian government from his perilous state,
heaped praise upon the Taliban after reaching home. As per a report in ABP
News, Tamal Bhattacharya claimed that the Taliban has not only treated him
well but also fed him good food. “They (Talibs) also played cricket with us,”
he claimed. This is despite the fact that he had earlier pleaded with Prime
Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah to evacuate him immediately
from Taliban-controlled Kabul.

Netizens Question The Doublespeak Of The Rescued Indian National

Netizens were aghast at the doublespeak of Tamal Bhattacharya. Twitter user,
Vice President of BJP’s Mahila Morcha Keya Ghosh remarked, “Pic 1: A person
stuck in Kabul desperately sends distress calls. Urges PM to make arrangements
to evacuate him. Pic 2: Once landed in Kolkata, he has all praises for
#Talibans. Even said they played “football (cricket)”. He revealed the nature
of a true Communist.”

Another user lamented, “It is important to keep people like him under
surveillance. One who supports terrorists is not less than a terrorist. People
like him (Tamal) are dangerous for this nation.”

Another user remarked, “Who is this idiot? I urge the Government of India
(GOI) to send him back (to Afghanistan).”

Besides Indian Air Force, a special Air India flight carrying 87 Indians from
Afghanistan’s Kabul also left for Delhi early on Sunday. The Indians were
taken to Tajikistan’s capital of Dushanbe from Kabul on board a transport
aircraft of the Indian Air Force (IAF) on Saturday.

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