India’s Digital Prowess Takes Centre Stage As Jaishankar Hosts African Ambassadors
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India’s Digital Prowess Takes Centre Stage As Jaishankar Hosts African Ambassadors

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New Delhi: In a diplomatic gathering of significance, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar welcomed Ambassadors from Africa to Yashobhoomi convention centre today, emphasising India’s commitment to sharing its transformative Digital Public Infrastructure experience.

EAM Jaishankar also highlighted the pivotal recognition of this effort by the G20, foreseeing a substantial boost in collaborative efforts for a digitalised future.

He also expressed delight in hosting the Ambassadors of Africa. The event underscored the importance of the African Union’s membership in the G20, a point highlighted by Minister Jaishankar.

“Delighted to host the Ambassadors of Africa in Yashobhoomi today. Our gathering marked the significance of the African Union’s Membership of the G20,” posted Jaishankar on X.

During the meeting, the External Affairs Minister emphasised the profound ties between India and Africa, emphasising the exceptional nature of their relationship. Jaishankar said, “Underlined the deep bonds between India and Africa and why our relationship is so exceptional.”

Addressing the Ambassadors, Jaishankar discussed the transformative impact of Digital Public Infrastructure in India, acknowledging the first hand experience of the African envoys living in the country. He expressed India’s readiness to share its expertise and capabilities in this realm with its African partners.

“Digital Public Infrastructure, since all of you live in India, you have seen the transformational impact on our daily lives. It is something that we are willing and able to share as experience and capabilities with our partners,” he said addressing the ambassadors.

The recognition of the transformative role of Digital Public Infrastructure by the G20 was highlighted as a significant boost to these collaborative efforts. “The fact that G20 recognises the transformational role of Digital Public Infrastructure, will give that effort a very big boost,” he said.

The gathering in Yashobhoomi not only celebrated diplomatic relations but also showcased India’s commitment to sharing technological advancements for mutual progress and development.

In September earlier this year, the African Union was made a full member of the G20 under India’s presidency.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his inaugural address of the first session of the Global Leaders’ Summit on September 9, announced that the African Union has been made a full member of the G20.

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