Nasrallah: ‘Israel making mistake by attacking us’
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Nasrallah: ‘Israel making mistake by attacking us’

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The leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, spoke Saturday afternoon, addressing the recent hostilities initiated by Hezbollah against Israel and the IDF forces and also warning against Israeli reactions in Lebanese territory.

“The Israeli cruelty is intended to subjugate the people of the region and crush the legitimate demand for rights,” Nasrallah declared in his speech.

At the beginning of his remarks, Nasrallah referred to the conflict in Gaza, stating, “In Gaza, there are two events that are developing. The first event is the Israeli aggression against the residents of Gaza, and the second event is the visible and significant response of Palestinian resistance against the enemy forces.

“The occupation turns to Lebanon after its crimes in Gaza and deliberate and cruel killings,” the leader continued. “The occupation is making a mistake again, and all its objectives will fail.”

Attacks on the United States

According to Nasrallah: “The one who can stop the aggression is the one who manages it – the United States. The one who manages and decides this battle is the American government, and all pressure must be directed towards the Americans.”

Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivers his first address since the October conflict between Palestinian group Hamas and Israel, from an unspecified location in Lebanon, in this screenshot taken from video obtained November 3, 2023 (credit: AL-MANAR VIA REUTERS)

He also noted that “Israel has not achieved any accomplishment that it can present to its citizens; they are still unable to present an image of ‘victory’ or an image of ‘defeat’ to the resistance.”

As a reminder, Nasrallah spoke about similar issues a week ago, referring to the war that began after the massacre of Hamas militants in Israel.


“The war has expanded to more than one front – we salute the armies of Iraq and Yemen that have entered this blessed battle. There is no more legitimate and justifiable battle from a humanitarian, moral, and religious perspective than the battle against the Zionists,” he said last week.

According to Nasrallah: “The Palestinians entirely planned and executed the attack on October 7. We have two goals before us: Stopping the fighting for humanitarian reasons and achieving a victory for Gaza and Hamas.

“The possibility that the Lebanese front will expand is a real option.”

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