Pavilion Visitors Get NFT Gifts From Slovenia at Crypto Expo Dubai
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Pavilion Visitors Get NFT Gifts From Slovenia at Crypto Expo Dubai

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Slovenia is set to make an impact as a crypto-supporting nation at an upcoming mega-fest in Dubai. Later this month, Slovenia will become the world’s first nation to issue its own non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and offer them as visitor-gifts at the “CED2021: Crypto Expo Dubai”. NFTs are digital assets representing art, music, in-game items, and videos among other unique digital objects that can be bought using cryptocurrencies. Simon Zajc, the state secretary of Slovenia had announced this plan in September, during the European Blockchain Week.

The NFTs will be unique 3D panorama pictures of the landscapes of Slovenia. Interested people can visit Slovenia’s pavilion at the expo to get these NFT gifts. The NFT gift cards will carry unique eight-digit pins and instructions to access into a digital wallet, that contains their NFT.

The Slovenian authorities are aiming to capitalise on the rapid crypto expansion and promote its businesses and tourist attractions, a report by Total Slovenia News said.

“Slovenia is thus being presented at EXPO Dubai 2020 as an innovative, digital and smart destination whose pavilion is certainly worth a visit for its distinctive leafy facade, interesting content, new business opportunities and the NFTs,” Zajc had said in September, talking about the initiative.

In addition, the claimers of these NFT gifts will also be able to create their personal digital wallets built on Slovenian blockchain technology.

The crypto expo at Dubai is aimed at sparking discussions around the growth of cryptocurrencies in the countries of the Middle East and Africa. The mega event will host over 3,000 delegates and over 30 crypto experts to discuss about the futuristic digital financing sector and the role of crypto in it.

The focus points for the event will include decentralised technology, and the future of cryptocurrencies.

Experts will also discuss around the growing NFT craze, which has become one of the fastest growing crypto assets in 2021.

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