Slideshow: Winners for SkyPixel’s 2020 Aerial Storytelling Contest



Founded in 2014, SkyPixel currently boasts over six million members in its aerial photography and videography community. Partnering with DJI, the platform announced a call for entries this past December for its 6th annual Aerial Storytelling Contest. Earlier this morning, they announced the winners and finalists for their photography and videography categories.

Over 26,000 submissions were received from 136 countries for categories including travel, sports, nature, architecture, and portrait. Ellis Van Jason won the video category for his FPV shots taken on the island of Madiera. 25-year-old Maui-based photographer Karim Iliya won the photography award for his top-down photo of a tail fin whale launching himself out of the water.

‘Humpback whales breach for a variety of reasons including communication, fighting, barnacle and parasite removal, waking up, playing and more,’ said Iliya of his winning photo. ”For humpback whale calves like this one, playing is an important way to build muscles and prepare for the long journey to Antarctica.”

To view all the winning and finalist submissions, selected by award-winning judges such as Toby Strong and Chris Schmid, visit SkyPixel’s awards site.

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