NASA Shares Stunning Photo of Galaxy Cluster Captured by Hubble Telescope

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NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has captured a stunning image of a galaxy cluster. The US space agency shared the image on its Instagram page, leading to a huge excitement among astronomers and sky gazers alike. The galaxy cluster, named Abell … Read More

This Meme Artist Raised Over Rs. 3 Crores for India’s COVID-19 Crisis

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Manhattan went into a lockdown in March last year and that’s when Tommy Marcus started the Instagram meme page Quentin Quarantino (@quentin.quarantino), which now has 654k followers. “I was making the people laugh during a tough time,” recollected Marcus on … Read More

NASA Shares Stunning Pictures of Earth Taken From Space

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Social media users were in for a treat recently, thanks to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)’s latest photos. The American space agency shared some exquisite images of Earth, giving us a look at the natural systems of the … Read More

Facebook Oversight Board Extends Timeline to Decide on Donald Trump Ban

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Facebook Oversight Board said on Friday it had extended the timeline for deciding whether to uphold former US President Donald Trump’s indefinite suspension from Facebook and Instagram. The board, created by Facebook in response to criticism over its handling of … Read More

Instagram for Kids Shouldn’t Be Launched, Advocacy Group Urges Zuckerberg

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An advocacy group on Thursday called on Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg to not create a version of photo-sharing app Instagram for children who are under 13, as it would put them at “great risk.” The letter to Zuckerberg … Read More

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Back Up After Brief Outage for Thousands

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Facebook’s platforms including WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram were down for thousands of users on Thursday, according to outage tracking website by users showed more than 112,000 issues on Facebook’s website, while 101,000 Instagram users and 516 WhatsApp users reported … Read More

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