Tesla Owner Writes Lengthy Post to Complain About Car’s Autopilot Chime
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Tesla Owner Writes Lengthy Post to Complain About Car’s Autopilot Chime

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Autopilot and full self-driving are features that Tesla flaunts in its cars. When enabled, they control the vehicle’s navigation and movement and help it hold the lane safely. They also help the vehicle in negotiating the turns smoothly. Irrespective of these remarkable capabilities, a Tesla owner has shared an interesting post, outlining in detail on the community discussion forum what he dislikes about the features. The thing that has annoyed him is the autopilot activation and deactivation chime. It’s way too loud for his ears he says.

The Tesla owner, from Atlanta, was so frustrated by the chime that he started a thread on the forum in all caps, interestingly titled “SERENITY NOW”. He said bluntly, “Bottom line is that autopilot activation and deactivation chimes are just plain annoying and over the top. These are amazing vehicles, but they are as annoying as my morning alarm clock, just ask my napping wife on a road trip.”

Tesla offers the full self-driving (FSD) features as an add-on for $10,000. It helps the car change lanes, take highway exits and interchanges, and stop at stop signs and traffic lights. Every time, the system is enabled or disabled, an audible chime makes the driver aware of its current state. There are also visual cues. The Tesla owner said the autopilot disabled chime should be turned down to a minimum and turned off when visual cues are enabled. He had some other suggestions as well – like giving only a visual cue when reactivating the autopilot within 30 seconds. “The driver is obviously aware that AP has been re-engaged. Just Do It, don’t tell me about it,” he said.

“Elon (Musk), you’re all about removing the manual steps, here’s an easy one,” the Tesla owner said, referring to the company CEO and billionaire tech tycoon.

Responding to the post, a user suggested that he can try the “Joe Mode”, a feature that allows drivers to lower the volume of alerts and prompts when a Tesla vehicle is in motion. But another said, “Joe Mode does not reduce the volume sufficiently”. The user said they agreed with the original post wholeheartedly.

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