TTArtisan offers 35mm F1.8 “nifty fifty-ish” for APS-C Sony E-mount



Image: TTArtisan

TTArtisan has announced the launch of its AF 35mm F1.8 lens for Sony’s APS-C E-Mount cameras. Costing less than $150, this “nifty fifty” equivalent adds another option for anyone looking for a budget prime lens.

The lens was launched for Fujifilm’s X-mount in November 2023. The 35mm F1.8 uses 10 elements in 8 groups and has 9 aperture blades. It has a minimum focus distance of 0.6m (23.6”) and a minimum aperture of F16. TTArtisan states the lens weighs between 199-210g (7-7.4oz), which is lightweight, though it’s unclear why the company doesn’t offer a more accurate figure.

Just the company’s third AF lens, it uses a stepper motor to promise quick and quiet autofocus. The company also claims an all-aluminum build. Although such specs are eye-catching, keep in mind not all build qualities are the same. The lens hasn’t passed through our hands so we can’t comment on the user experience.

Naturally, people will make comparisons to Sony’s $475 E-mount 35mm F1.8. If you like to get close to your subjects, you’ll notice Sony slashes the minimum focusing distance in half, getting it down to 0.3m (11.8”). The Sony lens also has built-in image stabilization. TTArtisan’s doesn’t, so it’s something to consider if you tend to shoot video or at slower shutter speeds.

Despite its limitations, at $150 the TTArtisan lens may prove to be a reliable alternative for those looking for a fast budget-friendly prime.

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