Advancement of DRDO’s Mounted Gun System
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Advancement of DRDO’s Mounted Gun System

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Artillery is one of the most important arms of any army and is often the key to many successful operations. The ground warfare is highly influenced by artillery in the sense that it provides the indirect fire support, accurate
target acquisition and subsequent destruction of enemies. To provide this
distinct advantage to the defence forces, DRDO took up a project of developing
a 155 mm/52 calibre Towed Artillery Gun.

After successful trials, the same has been inducted in the Indian Army. To
provide necessary mobility to the towed gun so as to meet the challenges of
mobile warfare, Vehicles Research and Development Establishment (VRDE),
Ahmednagar has undertaken the project – Mounted Gun System (MGS).

VRDE has designed & developed MGS based on the developed Towed Artillery
Gun System. The system has been developed on solo 8×8 high mobility vehicle
integrated with stabilization system for providing stability during firing.

The state-of-the-art systems like blast resistant cabin, leg type
electro-mechanical stabilizers, automatic ammunition handling system, on-board
silent electric power system, integrated electronic controller, RLG based
navigation system, integrated fire control system, etc., have been integrated
on to the MGS.

The indigenously developed MGS is at par with the contemporary systems
available worldwide and can fire 155 mm NATO standard ammunition.

Technical Specifications of Mounted Gun System
 Gun 155 mm X 52 Cal (ATAGS ordnance adapted) 
High Mobility Vehicle  • 8X8 ,Cross Country (4800 m alt)
• Power to Wt : 10 (KW/t)
• TCD – 26 m
• Fording – 1.2 m

Payload capacity: 17t
• Strengthened Chassis
• Low ht Cabin , protected against muzzle blast, 06 crew
• PAN India movement by Rail
 Arc of Fire • Azimuth – ± 30°
• Elevation – 0° to 72°
 Stability (during firing) • Stabilisers system to withstand 45t recoil force (ZONE 7)
• Electro-Mech Outriggers (02 no)
 Power Source • APU (Primary) • Vehicle PTO (Redundant)
• Can power another MGS
 Drives  All Electric
 Preparation Time • 80 s into & 85 s out of action
• Deployed from Cabin
• Shoot & Scoot capability
 Ammunition Stowage 24 Rounds & 150 Bi Modular Charge System (BMCS)
After the design and development of the system, to ascertain the mobility parameters, technical trials were conducted at NCAT (VRDE) and also on beaten dessert track and cross country track at PFFR. All the designed parameters were achieved during these trials.

Firing trials of MGS were carried out at Pokhran Field Firing Ranges (PFFR), during September 2023. Various tests viz. Minimum and Maximum Range Firing, Series I & II – Consistency Firing, Arc of Fire, and Direct Firing were carried out during the trials at various Sectors of PFFR. All the tests were conducted considering various firing angles in elevation & azimuth and also all Zones of firing.

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