Border Police officer injured in ramming attack north of Jerusalem
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Border Police officer injured in ramming attack north of Jerusalem

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A Border Police officer was moderately injured in a ramming attack in Kalandiya, north of Jerusalem, on Wednesday night, according to Israel Police.

The officer was taking part in operations to evacuate illegal structures in the village when a terrorist drove at a high speed towards the Israeli forces and struck the officer.

Border Police fired towards the terrorist and arrested the terrorist, a 22-year-old resident of Kalkilya, after his vehicle hit a wall. After initial questioning, the terrorist was transferred for questioning by the Shin Bet. The terrorist’s condition is unclear.

The injured Border Police officer was transferred in moderate and stable condition, with injuries to his head and abdomen, to Sha’are Zedek Medical Center for treatment while conscious.

“This attack is another reminder of the threats that exist in every operational activity and in every area of land in which we operate,” said Israel Police Jerusalem District Commander Doron Turjeman. “Our operational alertness and quick and determined response is the key to neutralizing any threat immediately and preventing harm to human life. In this case as well, the quick response and operational deployment of the operatives in the field prevented injury to additional operatives and led to a speedy end to the incident and the neutralization of the terrorist.”

Israel Police at the scene of a ramming attack in Kalandiya. (credit: ISRAEL POLICE)

“We must continue to act resolutely in the face of any attempt to harm the forces or lives of the citizens of Israel,” added Turjeman.

The attack comes amid a recent jump in terrorism in Jerusalem and the West Bank, with multiple attacks and attempted attacks reported in recent weeks, including a thwarted plot by Hamas operatives in the West Bank to carry out largescale terrorist attacks in Israel.

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