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Film Friday: Voigtlander Bessaflex TM

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In many regards, the Voigtlander Bessaflex TM is the perfect fully mechanical film SLR (batteries are only needed for the meter): it’s small and light, sports a bright viewfinder and is incredibly straightforward to shoot with. Unfortunately, it debuted at the start of the digital revolution and was far from a commercial success. But what if it had debuted a decade or more earlier? Perhaps it could’ve sparked a manual focus lens revolution.

Cosina, who manufactured the ‘TM’ starting in 2003 (licensing the Voigtlander name), has a long history building cameras in a variety of mounts, for other brands. In fact, the Cosina CT-1 of the 1980’s – a camera the ‘TM’ traces its lineage back to – was also the basis for the entry-level Nikon FM-10 , Canon T60 and Olympus OM-2000.

So in theory, the ‘TM’, which stands for ‘thread mount,’ as the camera accepted Pentax M42-mount lenses, could’ve been tweaked to accept a wide range of other mounts. And had it come out in 1993 rather than 2003, perhaps it could’ve become the go-to body for folks looking to put their ‘vintage’ manual focus lenses to good use, via a modern-built, high-quality third party camera. And if that were the case, perhaps you’d still be able to find an affordable one today! If only…

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