The interchangeable lens Mamiya 7 and fixed / collapsible lens Plaubel Makina 67 are titans of the medium format world, and both still command quite high prices on today’s used market. But rarely are they directly compared to one another, until now. 35mmc’s Hamish Gill had the unusual opportunity to shoot with both back-to-back, and crown a personal favorite.

Ultimately, for Hamish’s shooting style, the Makina came out on top. But he found a lot to like about the Mamiya, including an easier-to-see rangefinder patch and slightly shaper lenses. But the Makina won him over with its smaller size, better battery life and cheaper cost. Click the link below for a more-detailed comparison and plenty of gorgeous sample photos.

Mamiya 7 vs. Makina 67 – Spoiler: the Makina Wins

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