GoPro has refreshed its Quik app for iOS and Android devices. GoPro writes, ‘[Quik] makes it quick and easy to get the most out of your favorite photos and videos no matter what camera or phone you’re using. In addition to powerful editing tools, Quik simplifies keeping track of your favorite photos and videos…’

When you boot up the refreshed app, the home screen showcases a ‘Mural.’ This is a private feed of your favorite photos and videos. When you capture a photo or video you like, you can post it to your Mural to ensure you never lose track of it. If you select multiple photos or videos from one event, Quik automatically creates a compilation highlight video synced to user-selectable music.

Quik’s key features are as follows:

  • Unlimited importing of your favorite photos and videos
  • Automatic video creation using Mural
  • Unlimited cloud backup (coming later this year)
  • Powerful editing tools
  • GoPro-exclusive filters
  • New GoPro original music

Within Quik, you can import photos and videos from your phone, a connected GoPro device or any other camera. In addition to the automatic highlight video tool, you can manually edit video and images across a handful of parameters, including trim, color, crop and more. You can also easily change the speed of a video. If you’d like to add a bit of spice to your media, there are ‘dozens’ of filters to choose from.

For Quik users with a GoPro, you can use the app to turn your phone into a remote control for your GoPro device. You can also wirelessly transfer shots from GoPro to your phone for easy sharing.

Quik is available now as a free download. A membership is required to continue using the app beyond the included trial basis and utilize all its features. The membership is $1.99/month or $9.99/year. Quik is available for Android and iOS.