Hostage deal could be finalized in coming hours
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Hostage deal could be finalized in coming hours

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According to senior Israeli officials, there is a strong possibility that the details of a hostage deal will be finalized in the coming hours, Israeli media reported.

The proposed agreement involved the release of approximately 50 Israeli children and their mothers in exchange for a four-day ceasefire. It will take place in a 1:3 format, three Palestinian prisoners for each hostage.

Under the terms of the deal, Hamas has committed to locating the remaining children and mothers. In return, Israel has agreed to release women and minors from Israeli prisons who were involved in acts of terror.

Additionally, both parties are expected to confirm the provision of fuel and monetary assistance in the Gaza Strip.

Who will be released if the deal is to be finalized?

According to a CNN report, American officials hope that among the hostages that will be released is a 3-year-old American citizen.

The other hostages to be released are comprised of several different nationalities, and it is unclear of how many of each nationality would be released. 

According to the report, the ceasefire has the potential to be extended to allow for the release of more hostages. Should a temporary ceasefire be reached, the IDF would stop flying surveillance drones for six hours daily over Gaza.


Joanie Margulies contributed to this report.

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