iDEX-DIO Marks 300th Contract For Gallium Nitride Semiconductor Development
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iDEX-DIO Marks 300th Contract For Gallium Nitride Semiconductor Development

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iDEX-DIO achieves its 300th contract in the niche of Designing and Developing Advanced Gallium Nitride Semiconductors, crucial for defence wireless transmitters.

The Innovations for Defence Excellence (iDEX), the flagship initiative by the Department of Defence Production, has marked its 300th contract signing. The contract focuses on the design and development of advanced Gallium Nitride Semiconductors, crucial for the next generation of wireless transmitters in defence applications.

Indigenous GaN Technology: A Paradigm Shift in Defence Capability

The signed contract aims to propel India’s defence capabilities by designing, developing, and manufacturing Gallium Nitride components using indigenous technology.

Currently, most GaN components are imported due to the sensitive and cutting-edge nature of the technology, restricted by many countries.

This move is anticipated to boost indigenous design and development, unlocking immense potential in the defence sector, including opportunities for exports.

Milestone Contract Signing Ceremony

The milestone contract was signed by Additional Secretary (Defence Industries Production) & CEO/DIO T Natarajan with Agnit Semiconductors Private Limited.

The ceremony took place in New Delhi on December 01, 2023, in the presence of Defence Secretary Shri Giridhar Aramane and other senior civil and military officials of the Ministry of Defence.

Rapid Progress: Nine Months To Achieve 300 Contracts

iDEX achieved this milestone within nine months of signing its 200th contract. The 150th contract of iDEX was inked in December 2022

This remarkable progress comes on the heels of the Indian Navy Prime challenge winner contract signed under the SPRINT initiative on February 15, 2023.

BEL Procurement Contract: Strengthening ‘Make In India’ Initiative

In a parallel development, Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) signed a procurement contract with iDEX winner M/s Blurgs Innovations Private Limited for their solution TRIDENT.

TRIDENT is an intelligent maritime domain awareness tool designed to enhance maritime security through anomalous detection, facilitating quicker decision-making.

This marks the first procurement order by a Defence Public Sector Undertaking (DPSUs) under the iDEX scheme, reaffirming the commitment to the ‘Make in India’ initiative.

iDEX: Catalyst for Defence Innovation

Launched by the Prime Minister in 2018, the iDEX framework provides a platform for co-creation and co-development in the defence sector.

Implemented by the Defence Innovation Organisation (DIO), iDEX has become a game changer in the defence ecosystem, generating momentum through flagship programs like DISC, Prime, and Open Challenges (OC).

Awarded the prestigious Prime Minister Award for Public Policy in the Innovation Category for 2021, iDEX has not only created job opportunities but also attracted India’s talent back to the country.

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