Indian Navy’s Eastern Command Gears Up For Largest-Ever Naval Drill With 50 Nations In Attendance
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Indian Navy’s Eastern Command Gears Up For Largest-Ever Naval Drill With 50 Nations In Attendance

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India’s indigenously made aircraft carrier INS Vikrant

In a display of maritime prowess, India’s aircraft carriers, INS Vikramaditya and INS Vikrant, are scheduled to arrive in Visakhapatnam for a monumental multilateral naval exercise, with invitations extended to 50 maritime nations. Commander-in-chief Vice Admiral Rajesh Pendherkar announced the enhancement of force levels at the Eastern Naval Command, with INS Mumbai set to join the Eastern Fleet.

All Delhi class destroyers, including INS Delhi, Mysore, and Mumbai, will be based in Visakhapatnam. The Eastern Naval Command is gearing up for a historic naval exercise in Visakhapatnam, featuring the participation of INS Vikramaditya and INS Vikrant. Vice Admiral Rajesh Pendherkar revealed plans for the largest-ever multilateral naval drill, with 20 foreign ships expected, and a City Parade scheduled at RK Beach.

Highlighting the future expansion, Vice Admiral Pendherkar disclosed that INS Mumbai would soon bolster the Eastern Fleet, solidifying Visakhapatnam’s strategic significance. The Eastern Naval Command anticipates an induction of 20-25 new warships by 2037, ranging from frigates and corvettes to submarines, helicopters, and support aircraft.

Survey Vessels, Diving Support Ships, And Fleet Support Projects On The Horizon

The Indian Navy’s expansion plans include the commissioning of the first survey vessel, INS Sandhayak, in the coming year, and the construction of diving support vessels at the Hindustan Shipyard in Visakhapatnam. The shipyard is also tasked with building five fleet support ships, a significant project enhancing the Navy’s blue-water capabilities.

The Eastern Naval Command’s roadmap envisions an impressive fleet, including Nilgiri-class frigates, next-gen corvettes, anti-submarine warfare crafts, and advanced helicopters and aircraft. The ambitious plan underlines India’s commitment to bolstering its naval capabilities and securing maritime interests.

Indian Navy Monitors Chinese Intrusions Into Indian Waters

Vice Admiral Pendherkar addressed concerns over Chinese vessels’ movements in Indian waters, asserting that Indian ships closely monitor their activities. Legitimate manoeuvres are acknowledged, but any deviations from standard practices would be viewed as a matter of serious concern, reinforcing India’s commitment to safeguarding its maritime borders.

The Eastern Naval Command maintains a vigilant watch on Chinese warships, research vessels, intelligence gathering vessels, and submarines within its Area of Responsibility. The monitoring efforts emphasize India’s dedication to ensuring the security and integrity of its maritime domain. Vice Admiral Pendherkar highlighted the Eastern Naval Command’s role as a ‘preferred security partner’ and ‘first responder’ in the Indian Ocean region.

Meanwhile, a P8I aircraft of the recently located a capsized Chinese fishing vessel over 1,800km from the Indian coast. The successful search and rescue mission underscored the Navy’s commitment to ensuring maritime safety and extending assistance beyond its borders. The P8I aircraft’s extensive search efforts showcased the Indian Navy’s commitment to humanitarian missions. By dropping a search and rescue kit, the Navy demonstrated its dedication to maritime safety and its capability to respond to emergencies in distant waters.

Furthermore, recent operations, including the evacuation of Indian nationals from Sudan and aid provision to Myanmar post-Cyclone Mocha, showcase the Navy’s commitment to humanitarian endeavours. The Indian Navy, through operations like Op Kaveri and Op Karuna, exemplifies its readiness to respond to crises. From evacuations in conflict zones to providing aid in natural disasters, the Eastern Naval Command remains poised to address diverse challenges in the Indian Ocean region.

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