When we published our iPhone 15 Pro Sample Gallery, we didn’t yet have an iPhone 15 Pro Max model in hand. In addition to boasting a larger 6.7-inch screen, the Max differentiates itself by having a 5x (120mm equivalent) telephoto camera with a clever tetraprism design. The iPhone 15 Pro’s telephoto camera, meanwhile, shares the same 3x (77mm equivalent) field of view as the iPhone 14 Pro. Is the extra reach worth the bigger physical size and higher cost?

The main and ultra-wide cameras on both iPhone 15 Pro models share the same specs, so this gallery is heavy on photos shot with the telephoto camera. Each of the three lenses on an iPhone 15 Pro is a separate camera sensor, so the image resolutions fluctuate. The main camera can capture up to 48MP, but the telephoto will only output 12MP images.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max’s 120mm equivalent field of view is handy when capturing distant details, but it’s also within a favorite range for portrait photographers. The iPhone’s fixed-aperture lenses won’t deliver the same beautiful bokeh as a good 120mm lens, but we found that it does optically soften the background a little — not in an especially eye-catching way, but enough to give a bit more separation from a subject. You can additionally apply Portrait mode, of course, which is automatically enabled if the iPhone detects a person or pet, and you can choose whether the simulated bokeh effect is applied by default or just made available when you edit the image. We include a sample of each.

All of the photos in this gallery were captured by an iPhone 15 Pro Max, and they’re straight out of camera except in a few instances where we’ve noted minor edits using Apple Photos.

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