Israeli, Palestinian women sister orgs. nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
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Israeli, Palestinian women sister orgs. nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

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Vrije Universitait Amsterdam, also known at the Free University of Amsterdam, has submitted  Women Wage Peace and Women of the Sun, Israeli and Palestinian organizations, respectively, as nominees for the 2024 Nobel Peace Prize. 

The university is one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the Netherlands and is recognized by the Nobel committee as a nominator of candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize.

In the recommendation letter, the university wrote that the organizations’ “work is tragically salient at the moment, given their ability to continue building peaceful connections between Palestinian and Israeli communities despite the incredible obstacles they have faced over the past two months.”

The two organizations have closely cooperated over the last three years, demanding both Palestinian and Israeli leadership listen to the “Mothers’ Call” to stop the conflict, which has been described as “cycles of bloodshed.” 

Both groups have called on their respective leadership to open negotiations as soon as possible in order to reach a “just, inclusive and sustainable agreement” that will end the long Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

WOMEN WAGE Peace members protest near Jerusalem’s Old City, 2022. (credit: FLASH90)

In enacting their goals, the movements held a large event, with the participation of thousands of women and diplomats, in Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, just days before Hamas’s October 7 attack. Since the outbreak of the war, they have continued to advocate for peace, communication and compromise.

Statements from the movements

Women Wage Peace, which was created in 2014 after the IDF’s Protective Edge mission, stated in response to the nomination that “These are very difficult days for the State of Israel, and the recognition we have received today is a small ray of light. Here exists a historic partnership between two women’s movements who will not stop voicing their demand that the leaders of the two nations advance a political agreement that will guarantee a future of peace, security, and freedom for both nations.


“Since the establishment of the partnership and the formulation of the ‘Mothers’ Call’, more and more women, young and old, are joining us, refusing to remain silent, and working towards the creation of a different path. In recent months we have been asked repeatedly whether there is a chance for a political settlement. 

“Our answer is that the bloody war that erupted on October 7 requires us to realize that the conflict will not be resolved by force. 

“We will not be able to promise security, freedom and well being to all man and womankind living between the river and the sea by force. After many thousands of casualties and victims, the time has come to choose a new path. We believe wholeheartedly that only a political settlement, led by brave leaderships on both sides, will create a different reality here.”

In a joint statement, both the sister movements said, “we believe that the majority of the people of our nations also share our mutual desire. Therefore, we demand that our leaders listen to our call and promptly begin peace talks and negotiations, with a determined commitment to achieving, within a limited time frame, a political solution to the long and painful conflict. We call on the peoples of both nations, Palestinian and Israeli, and peoples of the region, to join our call and demonstrate their support for the resolution of the conflict. We call on our leaders to show courage and vision to bring about the historical change to which we all aspire. We join hands in determination and partnership to bring hope back to our peoples.”

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