Profoto’s $17K Pro-11 flash pack gets AirX connectivity
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Profoto’s $17K Pro-11 flash pack gets AirX connectivity

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Flash manufacturer Profoto has introduced a new version of its Pro flash pack that includes its smartphone-connected wireless control system. The new Pro-11 is nearly identical to the existing five-year-old Pro-10 but comes with the company’s AirX wireless module built-in that allows remote operation via a smartphone app.

The company says the inclusion of AirX will help to prepare the flash pack for the future rather than deliver its maximum benefits now, hinting that there is more to come from this system. AirX will allow users to control the pack and the lights attached to it from a smartphone running either Android or the Apple OiS, in much the same way that output can be controlled remotely in the A10 and B10 series of lights.

The company says the pack also has some minor design updates and that the display panel is now brighter and more straightforward to read.

The Profoto Pro-11 is available for pre-order and costs $16,995/£10,829.17. For more information see the Profoto website.

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Profoto Pro-11 – The ultimate flash

Profoto adds AirX connectivity to their flagship flash.

The latest evolution of Profoto’s top of the line flash generator is the addition of AirX connectivity. “This really is a breakthrough,” enthuses Göran Maren, Product Manager at Profoto. “With AirX inside, we’ve ensured the Pro-11 will oer the latest and best user experience for years to come. We are making it future proof”.

Profoto had previously introduced AirX for their A10 and B10 lights, at the time focusing on the ability to connect and use the flash with smartphone cameras.

“With AirX you can do this with Pro-11 too,” says Göran. “But for the most part, we are not adding AirX as a feature for today – we are adding it as a cornerstone for connectivity that will grow over time.” Göran continues, “The connectivity between cameras, lights and apps will define how professional images will be created going forward. With AirX inside, we’re ensuring that we can maintain seamless compatibility and connectivity with both current and future devices. Whatever comes down the line, the Pro-11 will compliment it perfectly – ever-broadening your access to the Profoto ecosystem today and tomorrow, so the potential is enormous.”

When shooting with the Pro-11, one instant benefit of having AirX inside becomes clear. The smartphone app control simplifies workflow for photographers and assistants by mirroring all the flash settings in the app. “It is so easy, it’s like the Pro-11 comes to you, instead of you having to go to it”, remarked a photographer’s assistant who experienced the Pro-11 in action at a recent shoot.

Should you prefer to adjust directly on the flash, you’ll notice a new brighter high-resolution display with an emphasis on simplicity. The Pro-11 might be top of the range, but it’s just as intuitive and easy to use as any other flash in the Profoto family.

“Beyond the added AirX connectivity,” adds Göran Maren, “Pro-11 remains the powerful workhorse that’s lightning fast and utterly reliable – everything you´d expect from Profoto’s flagship”.

Record-breaking flash durations of up to 1/80,000 of a second lets you freeze any action and recycling is so fast that you can even set the fastest cameras on motor drive and let the flash follow. You’ll never miss a shot.

All of this comes in our most durable and rugged package yet; tested to extremes. It looks tough, and it is tough – more than ready to meet the most arduous challenges of any high-end studio shooting.

“Could the Profoto Pro-11 be the ultimate studio flash?” Asks Göran. “We’d like to think so.”


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