Snap It is a subscription service for disposable cameras
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Snap It is a subscription service for disposable cameras

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In many industries, what’s popular comes and goes in cycles. Fashion is a prime example of this phenomenon. The 1990s are back in vogue, and photography isn’t immune to this cyclical behavior. Disposable cameras are suddenly popular again, as evidenced by Snap It finding its footing online.

When digital photography took over the industry and film cameras became less prevalent, photo developing services started disappearing. In some areas, it’s impossible to get the film developed. Snap It has launched a new subscription service that includes a disposable camera and allows customers to send the camera for development to solve this issue. Like another recent addition to the resurging film photography market, Indisposable, Snap It then sends digital versions of your photos straight to your phone. Something is interesting about combining old-school tech, like a disposable camera, with a subscription service that sends you digital versions of your analog photos straight to your smartphone.

Snap It disposable camera

Snap It offers three subscription options, ranging from $10 to $35 per month. The most affordable option, the ‘SEND’ subscription, includes a monthly delivery of a disposable camera but doesn’t include film development.

For $30/month, the ‘RAGER’ subscription includes the option to determine how frequently a camera is delivered (30, 60 or 90 days) and includes a pre-paid label to ship the camera in for development. When Snap It receives and develops the disposable camera, 1,800 x 1,200-pixel digital versions are delivered to the customer. For $35/month, the ‘GOAT’ subscription includes the same perks as the ‘Rager’ subscription but includes higher-quality 4,500 x 3,000-pixel digital files.

You can also purchase a disposable camera from Snap It, separate from any monthly subscription. The camera costs $13, although it’s currently on sale from its regular price of $19. A Snap It disposable camera includes 27 exposures of 35mm film and includes a built-in flash.

Snap It’s branding leans into the 90s aesthetic, when disposable cameras were probably at their peak popularity. If you’re like and grew up in the 90s, you likely remember going to a friend’s birthday party and finding disposable cameras on the tables or in gift bags. The marketing strategy seems to channel the nostalgia people feel for disposable cameras and the current ‘cool’ factor of the 90s into disposable camera subscriptions.

While you can purchase disposable cameras for less and develop the film yourself, the convenience Snap It offers has value. Of course, arguably, the lack of instant gratification and inconvenience of film photography is seemingly also part of its charm. You need only to look at the popularity of an app like Dispo, which doesn’t let you view your digital images until they ‘develop,’ to see that there’s clearly a desire among some to return to the experience of film photography and disposable cameras. To learn more about Snap It and its subscription offerings, visit their website.

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