Son of Hamas co-founder: Death penalty for October 7 massacre terrorists
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Son of Hamas co-founder: Death penalty for October 7 massacre terrorists

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Israel must execute the Hamas terrorists who took part in the October 7 massacre against Israel, said Mosab Hassan Yousef, also known as the Green Prince.

“We need to hold a fair trial, but when a human being killed 100 innocent civilians, he deserves to die,” the son of Hamas leader Sheikh Hassan Yousef said in a briefing for Israeli and foreign media on Thursday. “The death penalty is the real justice… The death penalty must be applied this time.”

Yousef was born in Ramallah and grew up in the shadow of his father, a Hamas co-founder. He became known as the “Green Prince” for serving as a source for the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) for over a decade, from the age of 17.

He shared similar testimony with the United Nations earlier this month. He also tweeted this week that Israel should kill all Hamas leaders – including his father – if Hamas fails to release all the hostages.

During the Israeli briefing, Yousef condemned the release of mass murderers from Israeli prisons as part of the deal Israel signed to return its hostages.

YAHYA SINWAR, leader of Hamas in Gaza, attends a rally in Gaza City marking the terror organization’s 35th anniversary last December. Sinwar has once again aimed the arrow at Israel’s Achilles’ heel, argues the writer. (credit: ATIA MOHAMMED/FLASH90)

He highlighted the release of Yahya Sinwar as part of the prisoner exchange that brought IDF soldier Gilad Shalit home in 2011. Sinwar was the mastermind of the October 7 attack.

“Savages like this must be punished, not rewarded,” Yousef stressed. “How can we accept this?”


Yousef said that the Hamas massacre was a turning point in the war on terror and that after he watched the Hamas bodycam footage and other scenes that are part of the 43-minute IDF video of the massacre, he knew that “what Hamas committed on October 7 was genocide by all standards.”

“They moved from door to door and killed every form of life in their way – whether it was a man, a woman or children,” he said. “They ethnically cleansed close to 20 communities based on their race and ethnicity and religion.

“This is what defines genocide; Israel is the victim of such a crime.”

“There is no turning back”

“Now, there is no turning back,” the Green Prince said. This time, “we cannot compromise with Hamas. We cannot bend under the global pressure no matter what.”

He said that October 7 proved that Hamas reached the “peak of their evil” and “if we don’t eradicate them, if we validate them, if we give them power or legitimacy, we are in real trouble.”

Yousef also cautioned Israel on negotiating through Qatar, which he said cannot be a mediator because it provides a base for terrorists; they must be treated as an enemy, he said.

“We are dealing with an ugly war,” he said, and the “forces of darkness were evil.” Yet, the world “cannot discern truth from falsehood” and instead falsely condemns Israel instead of Hamas.

He called the idea of a Palestinian state “utopian.” He said that the West should stop pressuring Israel and instead support the country in a war that he believes the Jewish state is fighting on behalf of the world and the future of humanity.

“I don’t understand why the world is so blind,” Yousef said. “Why is the world in denial? Hamas is a religious group waging a holy war.

“This is the fight of every free person in the world,” he continued. “We have to eradicate Hamas. If we don’t, humanity will pay a huge price.”

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