Taking to the skies with the DJI Mini 2
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Taking to the skies with the DJI Mini 2

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The DJI Mini 2 is DJI’s latest entry-level drone, and At only 249 grams – or just over half a pound – the Mini 2 lives up to its name, but it offers a heavyweight feature set. This includes a camera that can capture 12-megapixel photos and 4K/30p video at one hundred megabits per second, and the option to capture Raw photographs.

Upgraded motors also improve the flight time, acceleration, top speed and wind resistance, and the Mini 2 comes with a number of pre-programmed shooting modes for quick setting changes that make it easier to track subjects and apply movements with minimal user input.

In this video, filmmaker Jordan Meyers takes the ultra-compact DJI Mini 2 into the skies above Washington State. Watch as Jordan and his team uses the Mini 2’s advanced camera and intelligent flight modes to capture stunning drone footage in the cold and wintery Cascade Mountains.

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