Vivo X60 Series India Launch Confirmed for March
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Vivo X60 Series India Launch Confirmed for March

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Vivo X60 series India launch is set for March, Vivo India Director of Brand Strategy Nipun Marya confirmed during a virtual press briefing on Friday. The series comprises Vivo X60, Vivo X60 Pro, and Vivo X60 Pro+ that were initially launched in China. Alongside confirming the India launch of the Vivo X60 series, the company announced that it is bringing its imaging-focussed Vision+ initiative to the Indian market to help build a visual content ecosystem for mobile photography enthusiasts. Vivo also revealed that it is set to bring a new phone with RGBW camera sensor.

Vivo X60 series debuted in China with the arrival of Vivo X60 and Vivo X60 Pro in late December. The company expanded the series by adding Vivo X60 Pro+ in January.

Without specifying which models are coming to the Indian market, Marya said during the briefing that the Vivo X60 series would launch in the country in March. This corroborated an earlier report that hinted at a March or April launch of the Vivo X60 phones in the Indian market.

The regular Vivo X60 model reportedly appeared on the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) site with model number V2045 recently.

Another report suggested that alongside the Vivo X60 series, the Chinese company would bring the Vivo X50 Pro+ to the country. Marya, however, didn’t provide any clarity on that front. The company brought its Vivo X50 and Vivo X50 Pro to the Indian market in July.

Vivo also announced the arrival of its Vision+ initiative in the country that it introduced globally in September last year. It is aimed to help mobile photography enthusiasts by conducting the Vivo Vision+ Mobile Photography Awards as well as through Vivo Vision+ Mobile Photography Academy, Vivo Vision+ Master Class, and the Vivo Vision+ Photographer Federation. The initiative will be kicked off with the launch of the Vivo X60 series, and details about how users would be able to participate are likely to be announced sometime closer to the launch date.

At the virtual briefing, Vivo also revealed that it is set to mass produce its new smartphone with the RGBW camera sensor in the second half of 2021. Details about its India launch of the development are yet to be announced, though.

The new camera will come with the unique RGBW colour filter array (CFA) that adds a transparent/ white layer to the existing Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) arrangement. It groups three primary colours of Red, Green, Blue (RGB), into RWWR, GWWG, and BWWB. Vivo claimed that the new arrangement brings a “significant leap” in photosensitivity and solves the problem of colour cast that is common in the traditional RYYB array.

To offer a large pixel area and high total pixel volume, the RGBW arrangement comes with the four-in-one feature of the Quad Bayer filter. The additional W filter, however, comes as a transparent filter to cover the entire visible light spectrum. This is touted to increase the light sensitivity to 160 percent.

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