Image: Apple

Apple announced the Apple Vision Pro’s February 2nd shipping date during CES 2024, and today the flagship, first-generation “spatial computer” is now available to preorder on Apple’s website for $3,499.

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As with any first-generation device of novel design, the main appeal for early adopters will be to experience the bleeding edge of Apple’s first-party spatial computing applications while the broader software ecosystem develops and matures over the headset’s first few years of life.

Apple VIsion Pro is not primarily a camera of course, but it is in part a device for capturing photos and videos. The Vision Pro will be able to capture spatial photos and video, using a button along the top edge of the goggle part of the device. The Vision Pro will then use its infrared, depth-sensing TrueDepth camera as well as its onboard LiDAR scanner to capture depth information along with photo and video. You don’t need a Vision Pro to do this though; the iPhone 15 Pro is also capable of spatial photography and video as well. You will, however, need an Apple Vision Pro to revisit them in 3D.

Image: Apple

The Apple Vision Pro’s sensor array

We haven’t gotten our hands on an Apple Vision Pro just yet, but are in talks with Apple about an opportunity to put one through its paces. If you are planning on preordering an Apple Vision Pro, please let us know in the comments or drop us a line through our tips form if you’d be interested in participating in potential future coverage!