Atomos has announced it’s working alongside Sony to bring ProRes RAW recording to its Ninja V monitor/recorder when connected to Sony’s new FX3 Cinema Line camera over HDMI. Although only in development at this point, the update will enable Atomos’ Ninja V monitor/recorder to record the 16-bit Raw output of Sony’s new FX3 Cinema Line camera at 4K60p. There is one caveat, however.

While the FX3 is capable of ouputting 16-bit Raw video over its HDMI port, the Ninja V can only record ProRes RAW at 12-bit, meaning any ProRes RAW footage recorded on the Ninja V will be limited to 12-bit. That said, even if it’s only recording at 12-bit, it’s still creating that 12-bit footage using the 16-bit data.

Atomos says users ‘will be able to benefit from the full flexibility offered by the ProRes RAW format as Atomos ensures that all the camera White Balance and ISO/Exposure Offset adjustments will be available within Final Cut Pro to the user.’

No timeframe is given for the release of the update, but Atomos has historically been fairly quick on the turn-around time of these ProRes RAW updates.