The Rollei 35SE is a pint-sized, fixed-lens camera with a super-sharp 40mm Sonnar lens and a set of controls often described as ‘fiddly’. Fiddly or not, for photographer Trevor Hughes, it was the ideal camera to document the ‘golden age’ of Toronto’s bike messenger culture.

His series of images – appropriately called ‘The bike messengers’ – were captured between 1992 and 1998. Collectively, they paint a mesmerizing portrait of an era not-too-long gone, when strong-legged humans were still relied upon as the safest means to transfer important documents within urban centers.

How did Trevor get such intimate access, and why did he pick the Rollei for this project? Hit the link below for his backstory and the full series.

Read 35mmc’s: Street Portraits of Bike Messengers – Standing by with the
Rollei 35 SE

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