Street Candy Film announces new MTN100 black and white 35mm film
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Street Candy Film announces new MTN100 black and white 35mm film

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Street Candy Film writes that they make ‘the tastiest black and white films around.’ It offers even more black and white film now with the addition of Street Candy Film MTN100 to its catalog, joining its previous film, ATM400.

MTN100 is a black and white ISO 100 film. The film is taken from a Motion Picture Film and promises to take your ‘black and white photography to the next level with a classic cinematic look and fine details.’ MTN100 is a panchromatic film ideal for outdoor and indoor photography. You can process it as a normal black and white negative or with a reversal kit to create direct positives.

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Street Candy writes that MTN100’s primary features are beautiful contrast, fine grain and rich details. It comes as a 36-exposure 35mm roll in Street Candy’s recycled paper film canister. Regarding the canister, Street Candy Film introduced the first alternative to plastic film canisters in 2020. The canister is made of recycled cardboard and is printed with soy ink.

Street Candy Film MTN100 is available for preorder now. It is available in small quantities ahead of its April release. The minimum required purchase is two rolls, which costs 21€. For ordering information, click here.

Image shot using Street Candy MTN100. Click to enlarge.

Although not new, it’s worth doing a quick rundown of Street Candy’s ATM400 film. The panchromatic black and white negative film was originally coated for use in security surveillance cameras. It was used in banks, ATMs, offices and other places in need of security before digital surveillance became commonplace. Street Candy states that the ISO 400 film is easy to shoot, forgiving and delivers ‘beautiful contrast while retaining rich details throughout its wide dynamic range.’ ATM400 starts at 19€ and comes in 36-exposure 35mm rolls, which like the MTN100, are hand-rolled.

Street Candy ATM400 key features. Click to enlarge.

If you’d like to check out images shot by photographers using Street Candy Film, the company hosts an online gallery. To see the companies other product offerings, including merchandise for analog photography fans,

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