Nikon has released NX Studio, a new all-in-one image management and editing program for macOS and Windows computers.

The new program is designed to view, process and edit still photos and video. As Mike Tomkins detailed in our review, NX Studio is effectively the homologation of Nikon’s ViewNX-I and Capture ND-D programs, merging the organizational abilities of the former with the post-processing capabilities of the later.

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The overall user interface is similar to ViewNX-I and Capture ND-D, but does improve the menu structure into a more Lightroom- or Capture One-inspired workflow for easier ingestion, sorting and editing. Menu items and terminology have also been chosen to match that of Nikon cameras for a more uniform user experience.

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Nikon has also included baked-in support for transferring images to its image sharing and storage service, Nikon Image Space. You can also connect your YouTube accounts for easy uploads without the need to use YouTube’s web interface. NX Studio supports JPEGs, Nikon NEF Raw files, TIFFs and more.

Nikon NX Studio is available to download for Apple computers running macOS Mojave (10.14) or later and PCs running Windows Windows 8.1 or later. You can find the full list of system requirements on Nikon’s download page.