Sony has released firmware version 2.00 for its a7S III camera, bringing the S-Cinetone picture profile and more to its full-frame mirrorless camera.

Back in February, Sony Nordic accidentally leaked this firmware 2.00 update for the a7S III, so it’s not necessarily a surprise. But its release means Sony’s a7S III becomes even more similar to Sony’s recently-released FX3 Cine Line camera, which is effectively a cinema-oriented version of the a7S III with no built-in EVF and a more modular design.

A gradient graph from Sony showing where S-Cinetone falls between STD5 (R709) and s709 in terms of tones.

Until now, one of the advantages of the FX3 over the a7S III was the ability to shoot with Sony’s S-Cinetone picture profile. Now that the a7S III can do that as well, the only major differences between the two models is their different construction and design, the inclusion of a built-in fan on the FX3, and the ability to more easily use accessories with the FX3 thanks to its modular design. Still, while those differences may seem small for stills or even hybrid shooters, for those who need the more cinema-specific features, the FX3 still fills a niche.

Other features included in firmware version 2.00 includes ‘support for setting Steady Shot to Active during recording movie with S&Q Frame Rate’ and overall improved stability. Firmware version 2.00 for the Sony a7S III can be downloaded from Sony’s website using the link below:

Firmware version 2.00 for the Sony a7S III